Here's the problem with living in New York City. I want everything! Seriously. It's bad. Every day I walk down the street and there's a girl with the most adorable jacket. And look at those flats! And a neon purse . . . okay. a little crazy. But . . . it looks really cute with that shirt. And then I'm on the subway and the girl next to me has a Rifle Paper Co. notebook and the girl across from me has the most beautiful leather bag and then I get off the subway and there's a Paper Source right on the corner.

But we are so poor. But . . . there's a Muji store right there and a Madewell at the end of the block.

City, why are you so wonderful?

That's all. Just thought you should know about my internal struggles.


  1. hah! Tell me about it. We spend every Saturday in San Francisco...THE MECCA OF VINTAGE. We're broke by Sunday :)

  2. Yes, I can see that this will be a problem for you, there were too many awesome things! Better get babysitting! Or just drop really good hints for birthdays/Christmas

  3. Girl, I hear ya. Might maybe may have just fully broken down and walked through the Paperchase on Tottenham last night . . . ? And didn't make it out of there without spending money. Oy. Let's commiserate.

  4. Muji! I love them. I used a pen from there just this morning.

    So glad you are enjoying NYC! Oh Kim I just love you.

  5. I knew I gave you the perfect nick name year ago, "Kim I want"! ;-)