on a motor scooter

Our friends Benson and Celia are used to Christian and his crazy ideas, so when he said let's borrow scooters and have a Harley Davidson adventure, they said sweet, we're in.
At the Harley Davidson store, we parked next to enormous, outrageously shiny motorcycles and ate sliders named "handsome rob" and "the mik." Then we strapped on our helmets and rode along the lake while the light turned golden. And it was beautiful and exhilarating and such a good way to say goodbye to the lake where we first kissed, and where Christian put a sparkling ring on my finger. Celia and Bens are the best. And may or may not be moving to New York, too! We really hope they do.

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  1. Boy does that have Christian written all over it! Those burgers look delish! Fun times