Spent the weekend in sunny San Diego tandem-cycling and holding babies and taste-testing cream sodas. Coronado is lovely as ever. Christian would have stayed on the beach forever snatching sand dollars from the waves while I stared in awe at the specks of scattered gold sparkling up through the water. After Christian makes our first billion, we're moving there.


  1. what a fun weekend! maren and shannon have the cutest kids!

  2. i am so in love with your shirt. can't stop drooling. :)

    you and your hubby are cute. come to rach & stef's shower so i can see you!

    (invite coming this week) :)

  3. Kim, I love these pictures so much. Also like Macey said that shirt is so cute! I am glad that you decided to buy it! You two are just the cutest. Sure love you! xoxox

  4. Okay,
    a) you are the beautifullest.
    b) that city-street capture is paparazzi fabulous.
    c) one day, let's wear our matching shirts on the same day, in Coronado, preferably with a husband for each of us (so that might be a while. But keep it in mind.)