What I Love

You know what I love? When Christian decides we’re not going where we were going. And then we're going straight instead of turning left and driving through windy neighborhoods on a search for the most beautiful Christmas lights in the city.
We did find them, just so you know, a mansion in the middle of a deceptively normal neighborhood. When you turn the corner there are acres of trees and archways and wrought iron fences completely covered in lights.
We parked across the street just to be mesmerized for a minute, and watched all the other cars slow as they passed by. But even with all that sparkle and show, the very best part of the drive was at the end, when I was falling asleep against the icy window, and he was holding my hand, and all the lights we passed turned into a glittery flicker against my eyelids. And I felt so indescribably warm and safe and free.

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